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Symbol Price EPS
USCR 0.25 06:00 am ET
COO 1.54 4:00 pm ET
ADUS 0.30 After Mkt
ALJ -0.09 After Mkt
CHEF 0.09 After Mkt
CKP 0.21 After Mkt
CMTL 0.31 After Mkt
DMD -0.37 After Mkt
DMND 0.25 After Mkt
EBS 0.69 After Mkt
ENT -0.06 After Mkt
ERII 0.04 After Mkt
ESL N/A After Mkt
ESPR -0.55 After Mkt
FDUS 0.38 After Mkt
FNSR 0.25 After Mkt
FXCM 0.17 After Mkt
GALE -0.11 After Mkt
HCI 1.21 After Mkt
IRG -0.27 After Mkt
JOBS 0.43 After Mkt
LADR 0.34 After Mkt
MCP -0.33 After Mkt
MMI 0.42 After Mkt
PPHM -0.08 After Mkt
PRTA -0.66 After Mkt
QEPM 0.25 After Mkt
QTWW -0.10 After Mkt
REN -0.09 After Mkt
SKUL 0.24 After Mkt
SYX 0.18 After Mkt
TECU N/A After Mkt
TFM 0.51 After Mkt
THO 0.42 After Mkt
TREC 0.21 After Mkt
TTPH -0.59 After Mkt
ULTR 0.01 After Mkt
VMEM -0.20 After Mkt
YOKU -1.00 After Mkt
YY 0.85 After Mkt
ACHN -0.18 Before Mkt
ACRE 0.28 Before Mkt
AGEN -0.01 Before Mkt
ARES 0.36 Before Mkt
BKCC 0.19 Before Mkt
BRLI 0.32 Before Mkt
BTN N/A Before Mkt
CEMI -0.03 Before Mkt
CETV N/A Before Mkt
CIEN 0.03 Before Mkt
CIO -0.13 Before Mkt
COST 1.18 Before Mkt
CPK 0.68 Before Mkt
CSIQ 1.34 Before Mkt
CTCM N/A Before Mkt
DATE 0.03 Before Mkt
EPZM -0.53 Before Mkt
FOR -0.03 Before Mkt
FUR N/A Before Mkt
GTN 0.54 Before Mkt
HILL 0.11 Before Mkt
JOY 0.36 Before Mkt
KR 0.90 Before Mkt
MEI 0.49 Before Mkt
MSO 0.07 Before Mkt
OSIR 0.05 Before Mkt
PRFT 0.34 Before Mkt
REV 0.48 Before Mkt
RGEN 0.04 Before Mkt
RNO -0.31 Before Mkt
SFE -0.53 Before Mkt
USPH 0.40 Before Mkt
CHKR N/A Unknown
EDS N/A Unknown
GAME N/A Unknown
IDSY -0.09 Unknown
IRIX N/A Unknown
NAVB -0.05 Unknown
NWLI N/A Unknown
PER N/A Unknown
PRGN -0.23 Unknown
STML -0.60 Unknown
TAX 0.40 Unknown

Convertible Preferred Stocks Highlights

Symbol Name Last Change Volume Premium/
WFC-PL Wells Fargo & Co., 7.50% Non-Cumul Perp Conv Cl A Preferred Stock, Series L 1,212.00 0.00 (0.00%) 6,930 5.38% 6.19%
KEY-PG KeyCorp Inc., 7.750% Non-Cumulative Perp Convertible Preferred Stock, Series A 130.00 0.25 (0.19%) 6,865 6.09% 5.96%
AES-PC AES Trust III, $3.375 Trust Convertible Preferred Securities 50.72 0.00 (0.01%) 6,490 0.42% 6.65%
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Social Network IPO's

Posted on 2012-02-14 by Daniel Ho

Social NetworkFacebook, the grand daddy of social networks, is expected to file for IPO on Wednesday. A long anticipated event, this can either energize the technology companies IPO once again, or it can mean that intelligent companies always sell out at the top of the market. The verdict is yet to be known, but it is certain to bring great fortunes for Facebook employees.

Before Facebook, a torrent of social networking companies filed IPOs in 2011, and let's take a look on how some of them do after trading publicly.


LinkedIn, often cited as the Facebook for professionals, went public in May of 2011. On the day of the IPO, it traded above $120/share and settled at $94.25/share at the close. The $120 mark, however, was the peak of its share price so far, and the stock was last traded at $72.15/share. This may be disappointing to those who bought above the last traded price, but considering that the company is valued at ~$7 Billion, and has a forward P/E ratio > 100, we can be assured that there are a lot of happy investors who bought it before the IPO.


Like movies that get released before the end of year so they can get the chance to be nominated for the upcoming Oscar, Zynga, the social-gaming company, went public on Dec 16, 2011 on closed at $9.5/share. It closed on $10.49 on Tuesday, and so far its shares have stayed its course. Zynga's social games are wildly popular, and the company now has a market capitalization of ~7.5 Billion. As the US government might have paved the way for internet gaming, Zynga might be pondering on entering the online gaming market as it already has the highest number of poker players through its Zynga Poker game. If Zynga can overcome the legal hurdles and become a major player, this could be an even more lucrative market for Zynga, and will certain boost its profits and share price.

Pandora Media (NYSE: P)

Pandora Media operates an online music streaming business, and generates its revenue through advertising between songs. It went public on Jun 15, 2001, and closed at $17.42 on the first day of trading. It is now trading at $13.19/share, and has a market capitalization of ~$2 Billion. Pandora's business model is well understood, but its audiences are much less connected to each other, and user loyalty is definitely not as high as that of Facebook or LinkedIn, where network effect is much better exploited. It is also facing increasing competition from Spotify, a music streaming service which allows user to select the songs they want to hear.


RenRen is a Chinese social networking company modeling after Facebook, much like how Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) modeled after Google (NASDAQ: GOOG). The company went public in May of 2011, and closed at $18.01/share on the day of IPO. Like most Chinese internet companies, its shares have been slashed significantly last year, as investors started to flee away from Chinese companies listed in the US. It is now trading at $5.55/share, but still spots a market capitalization of ~2 Billion. RenRen also faces stiff competition from Tencent on social networking, the giant in Chinese internet which operates the QQ network.

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