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Symbol Price EPS
AET 1.95 06:00 am ET
OFC 0.46 06:00 am ET
WHR 2.34 06:00 am ET
CNX 0.13 06:45 am ET
CARB -0.07 07:00 am ET
F 0.26 07:00 am ET
ALLY 0.42 07:30 am ET
TRS 0.43 08:00 am ET
FELE 0.34 08:05 am ET
KRFT 0.81 4:05 pm ET
STMP 0.60 4:30 pm ET
AAT 0.42 After Mkt
ACGL 1.08 After Mkt
ACHC 0.41 After Mkt
ADVS 0.37 After Mkt
AEGN 0.13 After Mkt
AFL 1.54 After Mkt
AHGP 1.13 After Mkt
AKAM 0.61 After Mkt
AMCC -0.09 After Mkt
ANH 0.12 After Mkt
ANIK 0.21 After Mkt
APAM 0.68 After Mkt
ARI N/A After Mkt
ARLP 1.00 After Mkt
ATNI 0.60 After Mkt
AZPN 0.31 After Mkt
BGFV 0.11 After Mkt
BMR 0.37 After Mkt
BODY N/A After Mkt
BOOM 0.03 After Mkt
BSF N/A After Mkt
BWLD 1.63 After Mkt
BXMT 0.54 After Mkt
CALX -0.06 After Mkt
CBL 0.52 After Mkt
CCUR N/A After Mkt
CEB 0.65 After Mkt
CGI 0.31 After Mkt
CHE 1.44 After Mkt
CINF 0.71 After Mkt
CLF -0.19 After Mkt
CLUB -0.20 After Mkt
CMRE 0.33 After Mkt
CNL 0.44 After Mkt
CRUS 0.47 After Mkt
DDR 0.30 After Mkt
DHT 0.26 After Mkt
EIX 0.79 After Mkt
ELX 0.13 After Mkt
EPIQ 0.10 After Mkt
EPR 0.97 After Mkt
EQR 0.80 After Mkt
ESRT 0.19 After Mkt
ESRX 1.10 After Mkt
FARO 0.12 After Mkt
FEIC 0.61 After Mkt
FFIC 0.33 After Mkt
FSGI 0.01 After Mkt
FSP 0.27 After Mkt
GAS 1.48 After Mkt
GEVA -1.70 After Mkt
GNW 0.26 After Mkt
GPRE 0.11 After Mkt
GPRO 0.18 After Mkt
HCC 0.90 After Mkt
HELE 1.25 After Mkt
HIW 0.72 After Mkt
HLIT 0.04 After Mkt
HURN 0.55 After Mkt
HVB 0.18 After Mkt
IACI 0.35 After Mkt
IG 0.01 After Mkt
INAP -0.14 After Mkt
IO -0.05 After Mkt
IPHI 0.22 After Mkt
KAI 0.58 After Mkt
KALU 1.03 After Mkt
KFRC 0.18 After Mkt
KTCC N/A After Mkt
LMAT 0.05 After Mkt
LOGM 0.27 After Mkt
MRCY 0.13 After Mkt
MSTR 0.96 After Mkt
MTSI 0.39 After Mkt
MWA 0.08 After Mkt
NANO 0.06 After Mkt
NATI 0.17 After Mkt
NBTB N/A After Mkt
NCLH 0.23 After Mkt
NCR 0.39 After Mkt
OGXI -0.34 After Mkt
OHI 0.71 After Mkt
OI 0.42 After Mkt
OSN N/A After Mkt
PEI 0.39 After Mkt
PNRA 1.44 After Mkt
PRAA 1.12 After Mkt
PSB 1.13 After Mkt
PSEM 0.16 After Mkt
RJET 0.21 After Mkt
RM 0.39 After Mkt
RNG -0.11 After Mkt
RNST 0.49 After Mkt
RPXC 0.36 After Mkt
RRC 0.13 After Mkt
RSYS 0.02 After Mkt
SBCF 0.16 After Mkt
SKT 0.50 After Mkt
SLCA 0.40 After Mkt
SMSI 0.00 After Mkt
SWI 0.45 After Mkt
SYX -0.05 After Mkt
TE 0.28 After Mkt
TPX 0.48 After Mkt
TRMK 0.39 After Mkt
TSS 0.46 After Mkt
TWTR 0.04 After Mkt
UAM 0.06 After Mkt
ULTI 0.52 After Mkt
UMBF 0.70 After Mkt
VICR N/A After Mkt
VRSK 0.61 After Mkt
WDC 1.89 After Mkt
WRI 0.52 After Mkt
WSBC 0.58 After Mkt
WSH 1.39 After Mkt
WYNN 1.33 After Mkt
X 0.12 After Mkt
XBKS 0.06 After Mkt
XCO -0.09 After Mkt
XOOM 0.03 After Mkt
ACPW -0.15 Before Mkt
AGCO 0.29 Before Mkt
AKS -0.25 Before Mkt
ALR 0.49 Before Mkt
AMG 2.90 Before Mkt
AUDC 0.05 Before Mkt
AXE 0.97 Before Mkt
BBGI N/A Before Mkt
BMY 0.50 Before Mkt
BSX 0.21 Before Mkt
CAS -0.43 Before Mkt
CBR 0.04 Before Mkt
CCG 0.15 Before Mkt
CIR 0.61 Before Mkt
CIT 0.73 Before Mkt
CMI 2.14 Before Mkt
CNC 0.48 Before Mkt
COH 0.35 Before Mkt
CPLA 0.83 Before Mkt
CRY 0.00 Before Mkt
CTHR -0.05 Before Mkt
DFRG 0.21 Before Mkt
ECL 0.81 Before Mkt
ENTG 0.17 Before Mkt
EPZM -0.99 Before Mkt
ETR 1.30 Before Mkt
ETRM -0.09 Before Mkt
FBC 0.13 Before Mkt
FDP 0.96 Before Mkt
FLWS -0.19 Before Mkt
FMER 0.33 Before Mkt
GLW 0.34 Before Mkt
GPI 1.39 Before Mkt
HSII 0.03 Before Mkt
HSP 0.53 Before Mkt
HW -0.11 Before Mkt
IDXX 0.98 Before Mkt
IIVI 0.21 Before Mkt
IPGP 0.98 Before Mkt
IPI 0.05 Before Mkt
JBLU 0.39 Before Mkt
JEC 0.79 Before Mkt
JOUT 0.83 Before Mkt
KVHI 0.05 Before Mkt
LRN 0.37 Before Mkt
LXK 0.76 Before Mkt
MACK -0.29 Before Mkt
MAS 0.20 Before Mkt
MCGC -0.02 Before Mkt
MDXG N/A Before Mkt
MHFI 1.00 Before Mkt
MRGE 0.04 Before Mkt
MRK N/A Before Mkt
NCI 0.13 Before Mkt
NEO -0.02 Before Mkt
NOR 0.00 Before Mkt
NOV 1.09 Before Mkt
OSK 0.79 Before Mkt
PAG 0.82 Before Mkt
PH 1.99 Before Mkt
POR 0.70 Before Mkt
PRGX -0.07 Before Mkt
PROV 0.25 Before Mkt
RDCM 0.14 Before Mkt
REV 0.35 Before Mkt
SALT -0.12 Before Mkt
SCL 0.57 Before Mkt
SIR 0.18 Before Mkt
SIRI 0.03 Before Mkt
ST 0.65 Before Mkt
STCK 0.00 Before Mkt
SVU 0.21 Before Mkt
TCP 0.74 Before Mkt
TMUS -0.10 Before Mkt
TWIN 0.14 Before Mkt
TXT 0.48 Before Mkt
UPS 1.09 Before Mkt
UTHR 2.14 Before Mkt
VDSI 0.21 Before Mkt
VLO 1.67 Before Mkt
VRTS 2.40 Before Mkt
WAT 1.02 Before Mkt
WDR 0.83 Before Mkt
WTM 6.28 Before Mkt
WWW 0.34 Before Mkt
WYN 0.92 Before Mkt
DORM 0.65 Unknown
FBNC 0.33 Unknown
FCF 0.15 Unknown
FCNCA N/A Unknown
FWV N/A Unknown
GERN -0.06 Unknown
HAWK 0.18 Unknown
HTH N/A Unknown
HTZ 0.02 Unknown
ICLR 0.82 Unknown
INTT 0.01 Unknown
MTEX N/A Unknown
NDRO N/A Unknown
NMM 0.19 Unknown
PRLS N/A Unknown
RUBI -0.12 Unknown
SC 0.66 Unknown
SONA N/A Unknown
TCBK 0.37 Unknown
XXIA 0.10 Unknown
YNDX 6.18 Unknown

Highest Premium Preferred Stocks Highlights

Symbol Name Last Change Volume Premium/
HBANP Huntington Bancshares, 8.50% Series A Non-Cumul Perpetual Conv Preferred Stock 1,364.00 0.00 (0.00%) 1 82.67% 6.23%
SPG-PJ Simon Property Group, 8 3/8% Series J Cumul Preferred Shares 73.17 0.00 (0.00%) 0 46.34% 5.73%
TZF Bear Stearns Depositor TRUCs Certs 2001-2, 7.10% IBM Corp. 35.00 0.00 (0.00%) 0 40.00% 5.07%
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Social Network IPO's

Posted on 2012-02-14 by Daniel Ho

Social NetworkFacebook, the grand daddy of social networks, is expected to file for IPO on Wednesday. A long anticipated event, this can either energize the technology companies IPO once again, or it can mean that intelligent companies always sell out at the top of the market. The verdict is yet to be known, but it is certain to bring great fortunes for Facebook employees.

Before Facebook, a torrent of social networking companies filed IPOs in 2011, and let's take a look on how some of them do after trading publicly.


LinkedIn, often cited as the Facebook for professionals, went public in May of 2011. On the day of the IPO, it traded above $120/share and settled at $94.25/share at the close. The $120 mark, however, was the peak of its share price so far, and the stock was last traded at $72.15/share. This may be disappointing to those who bought above the last traded price, but considering that the company is valued at ~$7 Billion, and has a forward P/E ratio > 100, we can be assured that there are a lot of happy investors who bought it before the IPO.


Like movies that get released before the end of year so they can get the chance to be nominated for the upcoming Oscar, Zynga, the social-gaming company, went public on Dec 16, 2011 on closed at $9.5/share. It closed on $10.49 on Tuesday, and so far its shares have stayed its course. Zynga's social games are wildly popular, and the company now has a market capitalization of ~7.5 Billion. As the US government might have paved the way for internet gaming, Zynga might be pondering on entering the online gaming market as it already has the highest number of poker players through its Zynga Poker game. If Zynga can overcome the legal hurdles and become a major player, this could be an even more lucrative market for Zynga, and will certain boost its profits and share price.

Pandora Media (NYSE: P)

Pandora Media operates an online music streaming business, and generates its revenue through advertising between songs. It went public on Jun 15, 2001, and closed at $17.42 on the first day of trading. It is now trading at $13.19/share, and has a market capitalization of ~$2 Billion. Pandora's business model is well understood, but its audiences are much less connected to each other, and user loyalty is definitely not as high as that of Facebook or LinkedIn, where network effect is much better exploited. It is also facing increasing competition from Spotify, a music streaming service which allows user to select the songs they want to hear.


RenRen is a Chinese social networking company modeling after Facebook, much like how Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) modeled after Google (NASDAQ: GOOG). The company went public in May of 2011, and closed at $18.01/share on the day of IPO. Like most Chinese internet companies, its shares have been slashed significantly last year, as investors started to flee away from Chinese companies listed in the US. It is now trading at $5.55/share, but still spots a market capitalization of ~2 Billion. RenRen also faces stiff competition from Tencent on social networking, the giant in Chinese internet which operates the QQ network.

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