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Symbol Price EPS
CNC 0.86 06:00 am ET
IR 0.93 06:30 am ET
MAS 0.26 07:00 am ET
LABL 0.82 08:30 am ET
LLNW -0.02 4:00 pm ET
STMP 0.94 4:30 pm ET
ABCO 0.30 After Mkt
ACGL 1.06 After Mkt
AIZ 1.51 After Mkt
AKAM 0.62 After Mkt
AKR 0.36 After Mkt
AMRK 0.19 After Mkt
APAM 0.64 After Mkt
ARI N/A After Mkt
ARWR -0.41 After Mkt
ATEN -0.08 After Mkt
BBSI 1.58 After Mkt
BEBE -0.06 After Mkt
BIDU 6.60 After Mkt
BLKB 0.39 After Mkt
CALD 0.07 After Mkt
CALX -0.04 After Mkt
CCUR N/A After Mkt
CIDM -0.04 After Mkt
CLMS 0.11 After Mkt
CSC 0.69 After Mkt
CVO 0.03 After Mkt
DEI 0.41 After Mkt
DIS 1.45 After Mkt
DWRE 0.22 After Mkt
EFC 0.46 After Mkt
ESE 0.36 After Mkt
FMD -0.74 After Mkt
FRT 1.38 After Mkt
FSFR 0.24 After Mkt
FWRD 0.64 After Mkt
GAS 0.67 After Mkt
GROW N/A After Mkt
HIW 0.81 After Mkt
HMN 0.52 After Mkt
INTL 0.73 After Mkt
KFRC 0.44 After Mkt
KS 0.36 After Mkt
LDR 0.38 After Mkt
LFVN N/A After Mkt
MC 0.51 After Mkt
MCZ 0.08 After Mkt
MKTO -0.23 After Mkt
MSON N/A After Mkt
MTSC 0.59 After Mkt
MTSN -0.03 After Mkt
NCR 0.87 After Mkt
NGHC 0.29 After Mkt
NGL 0.24 After Mkt
NUAN 0.33 After Mkt
OESX -0.01 After Mkt
OHRP -0.24 After Mkt
OSTK N/A After Mkt
PAHC 0.41 After Mkt
PAYC 0.08 After Mkt
PHX N/A After Mkt
PNRA 1.78 After Mkt
PRO -0.18 After Mkt
PSEC 0.25 After Mkt
PZN 0.11 After Mkt
QNST 0.03 After Mkt
RGC 0.32 After Mkt
RICK N/A After Mkt
RKUS 0.13 After Mkt
RLOG 0.15 After Mkt
RNWK -0.48 After Mkt
RPXC 0.14 After Mkt
RSYS 0.07 After Mkt
RUSHA 0.44 After Mkt
SCSC 0.74 After Mkt
SGEN -0.20 After Mkt
SGMO -0.21 After Mkt
SKT 0.57 After Mkt
TAL 0.63 After Mkt
TRMB 0.24 After Mkt
UNIS -0.11 After Mkt
USNA 1.99 After Mkt
WU 0.42 After Mkt
ACM 0.60 Before Mkt
AEY N/A Before Mkt
AINV 0.21 Before Mkt
ALR 0.58 Before Mkt
AMSC -0.49 Before Mkt
ASFI N/A Before Mkt
BDC 1.48 Before Mkt
BHE 0.41 Before Mkt
CBM 0.83 Before Mkt
CDW 0.72 Before Mkt
CRWS 0.20 Before Mkt
CVS 1.53 Before Mkt
CYNO 0.38 Before Mkt
ENTG 0.16 Before Mkt
EXXI -1.26 Before Mkt
FSC 0.19 Before Mkt
GLT 0.44 Before Mkt
GPK 0.16 Before Mkt
GT 0.75 Before Mkt
GWR 0.86 Before Mkt
HCP 0.78 Before Mkt
LPT 0.64 Before Mkt
MCC 0.31 Before Mkt
MLM 1.35 Before Mkt
MPW 0.34 Before Mkt
OAK 0.26 Before Mkt
OMC 1.33 Before Mkt
REGN 3.36 Before Mkt
SABR 0.26 Before Mkt
SALE 0.28 Before Mkt
SAVE 0.99 Before Mkt
TDG 2.32 Before Mkt
TEN 1.14 Before Mkt
VIAB 1.18 Before Mkt
VSH 0.12 Before Mkt
WCG 0.59 Before Mkt
WEN 0.11 Before Mkt
WYN 0.97 Before Mkt
AWRE N/A Unknown
CARV N/A Unknown
CCG 0.15 Unknown
CSPI N/A Unknown
EML N/A Unknown
FULL 0.11 Unknown
IMN -0.29 Unknown
MPAA 0.51 Unknown
PTSI N/A Unknown
SCCO 0.19 Unknown
SPDC 0.00 Unknown
STE 0.94 Unknown
THST 0.00 Unknown
TR N/A Unknown
VSAT 0.40 Unknown
WBAI N/A Unknown

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Shutterfly - Trying to Fly with Broken Wings

Posted on 2011-12-08 by Daniel Ho

Broken WingsWhen we wrote the last article on Shutterfly (NASDAQ: SFLY), its stock just got whacked by news that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) unrolled its Cards app for iPhone 4S, which allows users to take pictures and then send out physical picture cards to their families and friends. The stock recovered mightily at the end of that date, showing a great hammer pattern, and then proceeded to rise from $40/share to almost $50/share in the next three weeks. It again illustrated how difficult it is to short stocks, although we did add a little more shorting during that time.

When we first started shorting Shutterfly, we started around the mid-fifies. At that time, the street still had high hopes on SFLY, but a great numbers of insiders were already unloading their shares. Started wIth a slightly disappoint earnings report in July, investors were still hoping that the company would do well going into Christmas season. That's also when the Apple news hit in early October but then the stock rose again. However, once the Q3 earnings was in, investors noticed that they had placed too much hope in the company just because it has the keywords 'technology' and 'retail' in its business. The stock was all downhill from there.

The stock took another big hit on November 30th when it mentioned that its margin was squeezed by other online photo retailers' agressive price cut such as HP's (NYSE: HPQ) Snapfish. Subsequently, the stock is now trading at $27.81/share.

With 2011 coming to a close, we believe that fund managers will put selling pressure on SFLY, as they sell losers and buy winners for year end window dressing. However, the big shorting opportunity for SFLY has passed, and although we may short more SFLY for its technical weakness, we will also keep a tighter stop in case the stock is poised for a rebound.

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