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Symbol Price EPS
AET 1.60 06:00 am ET
CNX 0.25 06:45 am ET
CARB -0.04 07:00 am ET
GLPI 0.65 07:00 am ET
TRW 2.13 07:00 am ET
XYL 0.44 07:00 am ET
ALLY 0.33 08:00 am ET
ITW 1.20 08:00 am ET
CAP 0.69 4:00 pm ET
HRS 1.28 6:30 pm ET
AAT 0.38 After Mkt
ACHC 0.31 After Mkt
ACMP 0.30 After Mkt
AEC 0.32 After Mkt
AEGN 0.35 After Mkt
AFL 1.59 After Mkt
AI 1.06 After Mkt
AJG 0.72 After Mkt
AKR 0.33 After Mkt
AMCC 0.00 After Mkt
AMGN 2.07 After Mkt
AMP 2.01 After Mkt
AMRE 0.06 After Mkt
APC 1.30 After Mkt
APU -0.39 After Mkt
ARI N/A After Mkt
ATNI 0.45 After Mkt
AXP 1.38 After Mkt
AXS 1.20 After Mkt
BBOX 0.43 After Mkt
BBSI 0.93 After Mkt
BGFV 0.17 After Mkt
BTUI N/A After Mkt
BWLD 1.20 After Mkt
BXMT 0.44 After Mkt
BXP 1.33 After Mkt
CALX 0.01 After Mkt
CBG 0.36 After Mkt
CBL 0.53 After Mkt
CEB 0.71 After Mkt
CEMP -0.56 After Mkt
CHMT 0.35 After Mkt
CHRW 0.77 After Mkt
CINF 0.48 After Mkt
CLD -0.02 After Mkt
CLMS 0.13 After Mkt
COVS -0.20 After Mkt
CPWR 0.05 After Mkt
CRAY -0.30 After Mkt
CSLT -0.23 After Mkt
CVD 0.93 After Mkt
DLR 1.20 After Mkt
DOX 0.79 After Mkt
DWA -0.02 After Mkt
ECYT 0.14 After Mkt
EQR 0.77 After Mkt
ESRX 1.22 After Mkt
EW 0.77 After Mkt
EXAM 0.04 After Mkt
EZPW 0.25 After Mkt
FARO 0.34 After Mkt
FBNC 0.28 After Mkt
FBP 0.11 After Mkt
FISV 0.80 After Mkt
FSP 0.28 After Mkt
FUBC 0.09 After Mkt
GAS 0.43 After Mkt
GNW 0.35 After Mkt
GOOD -0.03 After Mkt
GPN 1.07 After Mkt
GPRE 0.96 After Mkt
HCC 0.90 After Mkt
HIW 0.73 After Mkt
HURN 0.77 After Mkt
IGT 0.27 After Mkt
INAP -0.12 After Mkt
INVN 0.08 After Mkt
IPHI 0.09 After Mkt
KIM 0.34 After Mkt
LMAT 0.05 After Mkt
LNDC 0.18 After Mkt
MAR 0.67 After Mkt
MDXG N/A After Mkt
MMSI 0.17 After Mkt
MOVE -0.02 After Mkt
MRLN 0.38 After Mkt
MTSI 0.32 After Mkt
NCR 0.66 After Mkt
NEM 0.19 After Mkt
NEU 5.02 After Mkt
NFX 0.52 After Mkt
NTRI 0.26 After Mkt
NUVA 0.25 After Mkt
OI 0.82 After Mkt
PEI 0.46 After Mkt
PLT 0.69 After Mkt
PNRA 1.74 After Mkt
POWI 0.58 After Mkt
QTS 0.48 After Mkt
RBC 1.27 After Mkt
RGR 1.23 After Mkt
RKT 1.80 After Mkt
RNG -0.15 After Mkt
RNR 2.81 After Mkt
ROG 0.56 After Mkt
RPXC 0.22 After Mkt
RT 0.09 After Mkt
RUBI -0.22 After Mkt
SB 0.08 After Mkt
SLCA 0.46 After Mkt
SM 1.60 After Mkt
SQNM -0.11 After Mkt
TMH 0.53 After Mkt
TRN 0.77 After Mkt
TWTR -0.01 After Mkt
UGI 0.17 After Mkt
ULTI 0.43 After Mkt
USNA 1.50 After Mkt
VRSK 0.56 After Mkt
VRTX -0.72 After Mkt
WNC 0.26 After Mkt
WSH 0.59 After Mkt
WTS 0.68 After Mkt
WYNN 1.95 After Mkt
X -0.29 After Mkt
XCO 0.04 After Mkt
XPO -0.26 After Mkt
ZLTQ -0.13 After Mkt
ACI -0.49 Before Mkt
AEGR -0.41 Before Mkt
AGCO 1.69 Before Mkt
AKS -0.04 Before Mkt
AMAG -0.09 Before Mkt
AMG 2.60 Before Mkt
ARCP 0.23 Before Mkt
ARW 1.42 Before Mkt
ASC -0.01 Before Mkt
AUDC 0.05 Before Mkt
AVX 0.17 Before Mkt
AXE 1.64 Before Mkt
CBR 0.06 Before Mkt
CBZ 0.13 Before Mkt
COB 0.11 Before Mkt
CPLA 0.84 Before Mkt
CRS 0.74 Before Mkt
CRVL N/A Before Mkt
CVLT 0.41 Before Mkt
CYNO 0.29 Before Mkt
DIN 1.05 Before Mkt
DSX -0.08 Before Mkt
ECL 1.02 Before Mkt
EME 0.61 Before Mkt
ENTG 0.18 Before Mkt
ETN 1.14 Before Mkt
ETR 1.15 Before Mkt
EXLS 0.39 Before Mkt
FDP 1.00 Before Mkt
FLML -0.09 Before Mkt
FSS 0.23 Before Mkt
GLT 0.10 Before Mkt
GLW 0.38 Before Mkt
GNC 0.79 Before Mkt
HBCP 0.39 Before Mkt
HCA 0.92 Before Mkt
HSII 0.19 Before Mkt
HW 0.21 Before Mkt
IBTX 0.56 Before Mkt
ICON 0.67 Before Mkt
IP 0.83 Before Mkt
KLIC 0.35 Before Mkt
LVLT 0.30 Before Mkt
MDC 0.40 Before Mkt
MDSO 0.18 Before Mkt
MHFI 0.99 Before Mkt
MLM 1.31 Before Mkt
MMC 0.75 Before Mkt
MRK 0.81 Before Mkt
MSO 0.02 Before Mkt
NCI 0.24 Before Mkt
NEE 1.43 Before Mkt
NLSN 0.61 Before Mkt
NOV 1.44 Before Mkt
NYT 0.09 Before Mkt
OB 0.28 Before Mkt
OSK 1.37 Before Mkt
PATK 0.82 Before Mkt
PCAR 0.89 Before Mkt
POR 0.34 Before Mkt
RAI 0.87 Before Mkt
RYN 0.49 Before Mkt
SAVE 0.89 Before Mkt
SIRI 0.02 Before Mkt
SNCR 0.40 Before Mkt
SSB 0.90 Before Mkt
ST 0.62 Before Mkt
STAR N/A Before Mkt
STBA 0.44 Before Mkt
STCK 0.21 Before Mkt
UAM 0.06 Before Mkt
UDR 0.38 Before Mkt
UNS 0.92 Before Mkt
UPS 1.25 Before Mkt
UTHR 1.75 Before Mkt
VSH 0.25 Before Mkt
WDR 0.91 Before Mkt
WM 0.59 Before Mkt
ACPW -0.14 Unknown
AIQ N/A Unknown
ANH 0.09 Unknown
ARNA -0.11 Unknown
ARQL -0.12 Unknown
ARR 0.16 Unknown
ATRI N/A Unknown
BCOR 0.48 Unknown
BCPC 0.46 Unknown
BNCL N/A Unknown
BODY -0.52 Unknown
BOOM 0.19 Unknown
CAC N/A Unknown
CAS -0.44 Unknown
CBM 0.28 Unknown
CFNB N/A Unknown
CKH 0.84 Unknown
COH 0.53 Unknown
COWN 0.07 Unknown
CQP -0.38 Unknown
CRRC 0.09 Unknown
CSS N/A Unknown
CTG N/A Unknown
CUB 0.75 Unknown
CVCO 0.67 Unknown
CZR -1.19 Unknown
DRQ 1.15 Unknown
DXPE 0.90 Unknown
DYAX -0.05 Unknown
EAC 0.13 Unknown
EBSB N/A Unknown
ESC 0.58 Unknown
ESSA N/A Unknown
ETRM -0.10 Unknown
FFNW N/A Unknown
FNLC N/A Unknown
FRNK 0.17 Unknown
GHDX -0.26 Unknown
GOV 0.55 Unknown
GTI 0.01 Unknown
HIFS N/A Unknown
HNH N/A Unknown
HTZ 0.08 Unknown
IPGP 0.85 Unknown
JOUT 1.13 Unknown
KERX -0.25 Unknown
KFRC 0.32 Unknown
KRC N/A Unknown
KRNY 0.04 Unknown
LBTYA 0.03 Unknown
LNG -0.33 Unknown
LXRX -0.05 Unknown
MBRG 0.26 Unknown
MCGC 0.02 Unknown
MELI 0.56 Unknown
MFA 0.19 Unknown
MSG 0.23 Unknown
NATI 0.20 Unknown
NBBC N/A Unknown
NBIX -0.18 Unknown
NHC N/A Unknown
NUTR 0.43 Unknown
OCIP 0.64 Unknown
OPTT -0.27 Unknown
OXBT -0.38 Unknown
PCTI 0.11 Unknown
PHII N/A Unknown
PROV 0.16 Unknown
QLTY 0.20 Unknown
QUIK -0.06 Unknown
RSH N/A Unknown
RTEC 0.03 Unknown
SGK 0.17 Unknown
SJW 0.38 Unknown
SNSS -0.17 Unknown
SPTN 0.43 Unknown
STEM -0.14 Unknown
SWM 0.82 Unknown
TBNK 0.34 Unknown
THLD -0.13 Unknown
TRIB 0.20 Unknown
TWIN 0.24 Unknown
TYG N/A Unknown
UBSI 0.47 Unknown
UFPT 0.39 Unknown
UTMD N/A Unknown
VICL -0.05 Unknown
VSEC 1.10 Unknown
WMK N/A Unknown
WTM 8.12 Unknown
YNDX 10.08 Unknown

Lowest Yield Preferred Stocks Highlights

Symbol Name Last Change Volume Premium/
UBS-PD UBS Preferred Funding Trust IV, Floating Rate Non-cum Trust Preferred Securities 20.22 0.11 (0.55%) 546,534 -19.12% 1.06%
OCR-PA Omnicare Capital Trust I, 4% PIERS Trust Preferred Income Equity Red Securities 78.71 0.00 (0.00%) 0 0.22% 2.54%
OCR-PB Omnicare Capital Trust II, 4% PIERS Trust Preferred Income Equity Red Securities 78.04 -0.33 (-0.42%) 100 0.22% 2.56%
← IBM - The Only Company That Should Buy Research in Motion Microsoft, Intel, Cisco (MIC) - Can The Troika Grow Again? (Part 2) →

Microsoft, Intel, Cisco (MIC) - Can The Troika Grow Again? (Part 1)

Posted on 2011-07-04 by Daniel Ho

TroikaMicrosoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), and Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO), once the darlings of Wall Street, had all fallen out of favor. Even though they have protected their turfs well, and are piling cash into their companies quarter after quarter, their stocks had languished for an entire decade and all of them are now trading at single digits forward P/E ratios.

The problem of the troika was that they are no longer perceived as growth stocks anymore, as each had performed poorly to expand beyond their core businesses. However, even though the troika are no growth stocks anymore, they are now perceived by many investors as undervalued. They are very different from fallen giants such as Nokia or Research in Motion in that they had defended their core businesses very well, and suffer no great market share declines as the others did. Each has their own problem, but they still have tremendous resources, and has the potential to recapture their glories if they play their cards right. There are many articles on the web focusing on their financials to illustrate why they are undervalued, but we will examine what they can do in order to grow again.

Micorsoft could have dominated every aspect of today's emerging technology - search engine, cloud computing, mobile computer, etc., but it missed the chance in every single category. While PC still dominates in market share for personal computers, its growth in consumer sector has been stampeded by the rise of Apple, and its great expectation of growth in Netbook is now decimated by tablet computing. Its mishaps in mobile computing and search engine were illustrated by its scraping of Windows Mobile platform to be replaced by Windows Phone 7 (soon to be Windows Phone 8), and its MSN search getting replaced by Bing.

Even though Microsoft got attacked relentlessly on the consumer front, it still remains the giant in enterprise computing with Windows and Office, allowing the company to rake in billions of profits each quarter. This has enabled Microsoft to pour its resource to keep trying at cracking the missed opportunities.

While Microsoft needs to do better in search engine and clouding computing to counter Google, the biggest headache for Microsoft is in mobile computing. The size of smartphones and tablets could eclipse desktop computing, and Apple and Google are taking both market share and mind share right now, leaving a trail of road kills such as Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) in their paths. Therefore, for Microsoft to reclaim its significance, it must thrust itself into the mix and become a significant player in the market. To achieve this, it has dropped its antique Mobile Windows and developed Mobile Phone 7, which got good reviews but had not make a dent in the market.

To reclaim its significance in mobile computing, Microsoft struck an alliance with Nokia and moved to acquire Skype. These are good first steps, but Microsoft would need to fortify its offering by courting developers to fill up its app store. Besides providing a well integrated platform, it will probably need a killer app, much like Halo for the XBox, to really stoke the interests for users. It may even have to give special incentives to carriers, either in carrying Windows phones and/or profit sharing in app stores. The bar is high, but we believe it's not impossible for Microsoft to overcome.

With a forward P/E between 9.0 and 10.0, and a dividend yield of ~2.5%, we believe its worthwhile to take a position in Microsoft at its current price range, and wait for Microsoft to crack the growth market in mobile computing. After all, Windows did not win until its 3.0 version.

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